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May 6, 2011 § 7 Comments

You don’t have to read too far through Google’s user experience guidelines before finding this simple principle:

Every millisecond counts.┬áNothing is more valuable than people’s time.

For front-end developers, this means making CSS, JS, and images load at top speed. “But,” you exclaim, “why should I care, when my 96-core computer with an SSD and fiber optic internet already loads everything ridiculously quickly?!”

Think about the commuter who is loading your website over 3G (or worse, EDGE). Or the coffee shop hipster who is loading your website over slow, unhip public wifi. Or the desk employee who is loading your website with an ancient desktop tower that the company can’t/won’t upgrade. As caring, responsible front-end web devs, we have to help users make the best of their hardware and network connections, which are often beyond their control.

As Google has noted, speeding up your website can improve user experience, reduce operating costs, and boost your Google search rankings. If your website is also selling something, you’ll surely want to move users through checkout swiftly. « Read the rest of this entry »

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